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Dear community,

my name is Pier Luigi Garau and i want to introduce myself in this community.
A friend of mine at Myspace has sent me the link of this wonderful Forum. He´s BENZART....

I´m a painter and my main themes are Myths and ancient cult figures...
I made a limited series about Rapa Nui....Nine oil paintings (60x80 cm) about one of my favorites islands.
I come from Sardinia, the oldest island in the mediterranean Sea and there are a lot of similitudes with the Rapa Nui culture.

Now i´m living and working in Germany.

The "Nuraghic" culture of Sardinia derives its name from the stone towers
or nuraghi that dot the landscape. These monuments served as citadels for
a warrior society whose members are frequently the subjects for narrative
figural art. Sardinian bronzetti reflect the "Nuraghic" people's facility
with metal and served as votives and gifts to the gods.

The Visit my Gallery / Visita la mia galleria.

Best regards

Pier Luigi Garau

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